#6 is the new #1

The 10th year anniversary Ceres 10K series kicked off on June 24th, joined with the Olympic Day Run on a beautiful day.

The race was again controlled by the same top 3, Clif Struiken, Julius Farley and Ruben Stoby with respective times of 37:56. 39:20 and 41:08.

GuyP Dubois finished 6th overall with a time of 46:31. “I hate to take the spotlight away from the top 3, Clif, Julius and Ruben, but I believe the real heroes are those finishing in the 5-6th position”.

Dubois, who has been running with a beer belly, says it is much harder as he is trying to keep a balance between drinking beer and running.  “Those guys have 0 fat…. I would finish first if I stopped drinking beer but that wouldn’t be much of a challenge.”

Dan Mitchell, who didn’t participate in the race because he couldn’t find his heart rate monitor, commented “GuyP would have beat me anyway, so it was best I stayed in bed with 16 rescue cats”.

Sergios Dantas, a fellow runner and architect from Spain, says he would like one day to be like GuyP.  “My only goal right now is to keep-up with GuyP.  I can see him really far in front of me during the race and I imagine I run slightly in front of him.”  When asked why he doesn’t aim for the top 3 position, Dantas explains that he is tapering for the Chicago Marathon in 2019, and that running at the front would just mess up his watch predictions.

For others, a race is the perfect opportunity to make friends.  Kim Struiken, who finished 5th female with a time of 52:40, totally agrees: “Finishing 5th just makes sense.  My husband finished first, but complains every night that it is really lonely at the front and he wish to be slower to make friends”.

“Running too fast is also risky for injuries” continued GuyP, “these guys are rookies”.

GuyP is also the official coach for Vincent Fournier, Adrian Dale, Katrina Lindsay and Andrew Fraser, as well as cartwheel expert for Kay Reddy.

The next 10km race of the series will be on July 15th on Beef Island.

The alternative news:

Fast time kicks off Ceres Juices 10k series 10th anniversary