The Ceres 10K Series, Race #2 took place in Beef island last Saturday July 15th 2017.  The confusion in that race led to some notorious moments and surprises.

GuyP Dubois, who again had a strong race, commented: “I finished 6th again, which is all I ever wanted!  Running at an even pace is hard to do, I challenge the top 3 to try it one day instead of running as fast as they can!”.

Clif Struiken finished first with 35:29, followed closely by Julius Farley with 36:53 and new comer to the podium in third place, Matthew Harkness with 39:53, who managed to beat champion Reuben Stoby.

Clif who finished more than 1 minute in front of Julius, told us his secret: “I eat only stroop waffles the week before a race and I stay off my feet as much as possible.  My wife Kim was really supportive when I got a wheelchair to move around the house.  It is important to start each race with fresh legs”.

Daniel Mitchell again didn’t participate in the race due to heavy preparation for this year’s Iron Man convention in Whistler. Dan commented: “I think one of the rescue cats pissed in my iron man mask, so I had to wash it instead of running”.  Natasha Ruschenski, a crazy cat lady who was within earshot, continued: “We are still looking for people to adopt cats and dogs, and donations, send us a message to for more information.  Yeah cats!”.

Daniel Mitchell training for the 2017 Whistler Iron Man

An exciting finish

The end of the race proved to be eventful, with a number of competitors getting lost on Little Mountain due to fog and being unable to read simple race instructions or listen properly to the race briefing at the start of the race.

“The end of the race was chaos, you had people running everywhere!” said a Little Mountain resident.

The biggest surprise was newcomer and first racer Kat Barton, a visitor from Germany who stole the first place from Kat Lindsay, creating mass confusion as of which Kat we were talking about in the first place.

Katrina “Kit Kat” Lindsay, who famously got lost in a roller coaster back in her hometown in Scotland, explained the confusion: “My GPS told me to keep left.  So I missed the turn to Long Bay.  I was on my third loop of little mountain when I realized I entered the wrong Long Bay in my GPS.”

Kim Struiken, who finished second female with 51:33, couldn’t hide her disappointment: “I was on course to finish 5th again when I saw the girls going for a stroll around little mountain.  Before I knew it, I crossed the finish line and they told me I was second.  These girls are [Dutch swearing] losers.”

Karen Titchener Fraser, who finished 2nd at the last race, finally tasted the sweet nectar of the 5th position with 52:17.  “It was really hard to get here, but I did it!  It was amazing with all the support I had from my probable Scottish cousins, Sarah D and Kat Lindsay.”

A rescue party led by VISAR was sent to search for Adam Holdt, who was thought to be lost in Little Mountain, but he was found safe and sound shortly after, as he was simply just really slow.

9.3km is the new 10km

Sergio Dantas, a waste management analyst from Argentina, was complaining about the distance.  “It was less that 10km, I know because I usually start to weep around 9.5km.”   Sergio spent the rest of the Saturday afternoon calculating the distance with a ruler stating:  “I will get to the bottom of this”.

Kay Reddy, race director of the Ceres 10k Series, explained: “We had a lot of complaints that the races were too hot in this Caribbean weather, so we installed a puddle on the dirt road after the airport.  It was a refreshing stop for the runners, as well as a good opportunity to spot turtles and dolphins”.

New Course record:  Clifton Struiken 35:29 (with puddle)

Old Course record: Julius Farley 39:24 (without puddle)

Next race will be in beautiful Carrot Bay on September 9th!